Women should women have equal rights

For 50 years, sinceit was re-introduced to Congress, barely ever making it to the floor for a vote. But how many women are paying. That is the reason men death rate three times higher compare to women. It's time to take action. Program Director for Global Girl Mediaa non-profit organization that nurtures the voices and self-expression of young women in underserved communities and trains them to be citizen journalists.

Taking the provider role from working is different. You also bring up how a man is aggressive and dominant and how a women is subtle and has inner integrity. However Men are dominant in strength and can withstand a lot more physical trauma than women. I for one plan to do a job to do with law when Im older Im a 14 year old girl.

Wait, Women Don't Have Equal Rights in the United States?

It really helped me a lot for my debate. When man is treated as ATMhow come dowry is a crime. It's been a slow journey for the ERA. This means that this rights are to apply to women as well.

One of the best places to go is to the world wide web. To my surprise, I learned and it wasn't that long ago that I was wrong.

They can have the sentance dismissed or moved down to manslaughter. In most countries in the world, women have for a long time been treated unequally in respect of men. We are all human.

Anita This article is spot on from my opinion, Men and women are naturally different in physical strength and emotional strength, they think differently, even dress differently, speak with differnet voice and pitch and their whole internal system body and mind is different so with this in mind there is a purpose for those differences and their social rights cannot be the same but can benefit eachother and society!!!!.

According to The Shriver Report, one out of three women is living in poverty or on the brink of poverty. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it.

We haven't really made the collective cognition that whether I bump into it at pregnancy discrimination, or you bump into it at rape, or you bump into it when you are sent to jail and your kids are sent to foster care, it's still the same problem.

All everyone saw the second the doorman's foot hit a public sidewalk pushing was the doormans face slamming into the pavement and my husbands knee going into his spine. Women Deserve the Same Rights as Men From the beginning of time, females have played a powerful role in the shaping of this world.

They have stood by idly and watched as this country moved on without them, and yet they have demanded equal rights as the nation rolls along. Jul 02,  · Women do take care of the kids when the man runs away, but also some men take care of the kids when the women run away.

so in that situation i think that they should have both equal rights because most men take responsibility, and some women take responsibility. A new survey that was conducted across five continents found that 80% of women think trans women should have equal rights. For the survey, the Thomas Reuters Foundation asked 1.

I have heard many arguments recently about the topic of feminism and why women should have the same rights as men do. I have not only been at a complete loss for words with some of these arguments, but some of them have also made me think about why women and men should be equal.

Women should not have equal rights to a man?

Nov 09,  · If you think women shouldent have equal rights then I don't know what you are. They were in the World Wars healing solders so they can continue fighting.

They are even in the Army, Navy, Marines, etc. making sure that you and this damn country Status: Resolved. Responses to “Women & Men – Different but Equal?” I think men and women should be equal in all rights because theyre both human beings. Thats why the women have to get their rights like the men even if they can only get the half of their rights.


Women should women have equal rights
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